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a media plan company

Make revenue! 
It's not just
social media.


What swipes 

us up?

As a specialized partner for social performance marketing,

we help brands, young labels, start-ups and established companies generate more reach and sales through professional social commerce management -

from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube ads.

Proven success

Efficient handling of expenses vs. revenues through granular data analysis at micro decision level.

ROAS > 4

+50% REACH

High-quality targeting on ads according to contextual as well as creative-emotional criteria.

See you 


See you soon!

See you soon!

Partnership at eye level - direct hands-on support, solution of your problems, including on-job

know-how transfer.

New Customer

< 20€

What we do?

Learnings from up to

5 million €

advertising budget

In order to use the full potential of your distribution channels, we have been specialized in selling via social media for our clients since March 2021.

As a young owner-managed and independent marketing company, we leverage our enormous wealth of experience from focusing on exactly this topic: Best sales performance via social media, generated from hundreds of campaigns for our clients.

For us, cooperation means true partnership. We're focusing on the success of our customers. 

With individually tailored concepts and strategies, we accompany our customers to become best in class in sales via social commerce - proactively, creatively, fully transparent with KPIs and always at eye level.



Analysis & strategy


We know and understand the socio-demographic usage behavior of the EMEA region - combined with our deep social media product and advertising knowledge,

we close the gap between quantitative and qualitative data.

Campaign &

ad management

Creation and optimization of channel, funnel and campaign concepts based on valid performance and target group insights - based on data warehouse and Google Analytics.

Community management

We combine community and commerce to increase your sales value with our network of content & channel creators as well as live formats and influencer campaigns.

Content creation

Creative content makes the difference! We know how to optimize your content as part of paid social investments.

To produce the most powerful ad formats for your goals, is our passion.



Decreased customer acquisition cost from 50€ to 20€ 


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